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How To Get Real Stress Relief

Tips for Stress Relief

relieve stressWe all live with one level of stress or another. And, in fact, a certain amount of stress is actually beneficial. At its most elemental, stress is simply an energy burst that informs the body of the need to either tackle a problem, challenge or threat, or to flee from it. You’ve probably heard this referred to as the Flight or Fight Instinct. It’s one of the oldest instincts known to every animal. And humans are no exception. The problem is that Flight or Fight is an instinct, while knowing how to bring stress relief into our lives isn’t.


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Turkey, Stuffing, Pie, Sweet Potatoes and Homeowners Insurance!

Turkey, Stuffing, Pie, Sweet Potatoes & Homeowners Insurance!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone’s taste buds are starting to water with scrumptious thoughts of eating or preparing your upcoming feast. Well, before you fire up the oven, take a minute to prepare a new side dish for the menu: S-A-F-E-T-Y!¬†You can do that by checking your homeowners insurance policy and checking out these home safety tips.

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