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Five Summer Accident Insurance Facts

Five On The Rise: The Most Common Summer Theft And Accident Insurance Claims

theft insuranceSummer is made for fun, especially in Chicagoland. Boat outings, summer road trips, street fairs. What’s not to love? The last thing anyone wants to think about is making a theft or an accident insurance claim. But, let’s face it: that’s going to happen to someone, somewhere, sometime. Snyder Insurance, serving the greater Chicago area, wants to help reduce the chances that that someone will be you. So here are five facts about summer that can help you prevent the need to make a claim on your accident or theft insurance policies, whether for boat, auto, motorcycle, or RV. Read more

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10 Ways To Save on Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

10 Ways To Save on Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

bike insuranceDuring the many years that Snyder Insurance has been helping motorcycle lovers find the best motorcycle insurance, we remain astonished at the vast differences in insurance prices from one bike to the next.

Would it surprise you to learn that the style of your motorcycle has a greater influence on rates than the cost? That is a significant point to consider when you are thinking of buying that tempting Sport Cycle. Read more