Jacob Dybala January 8, 2017 No Comments

Cyber Crime Trends And Cyber Insurance

The Latest Needs In Cyber Insurance

cyber and privacy insuranceCyber theft, attack and terrorism are in the news a lot these days, and with good reason. About 1.5 million cyber attacks occur every year. That breaks down to 3 every minute. Little wonder, then, that cyber insurance is a growing area of interest for both small or home-based businesses and commercial companies alike. With this in mind, Snyder Insurance takes a look at what is trending in cyber and privacy insurance. Read more

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Avoiding Fake Apps This Season

Tips On Avoiding Fake Apps During The Holidays

protecting your private informationHoliday shopping has been building for a month or so, and now it is fully underway. This year, more people are tapping the screens of their smart phones to help them get the job done. But buyers beware! Avoiding fake apps is more crucial than ever. There are more and more fake apps appearing across the board that are posing as stores and legit businesses. The danger here is that the people who make these fake apps could use them to steal money and personal information from those who download and use them. Read more