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Find Your Exit With This Travel Tip

Planning a Road Trip? Here’s a Nifty Travel Tip

Did you know that you can tell which side of the highway your exit is on just by looking at the tabs at the top of an exit sign? It’s a fact! Here’s a little travel tip that can take some of the stress out of knowing which lane to move to when preparing to exit.

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Jacob Dybala May 18, 2012 No Comments

Floods: Am I Covered? | Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance. Are You Sure You’re Covered?

You may think you have flood insurance coverage, but, if you haven’t specifically bought it, you don’t, because it’s not a regular part of your property insurance. And don’t think that you’re safe just because you don’t live in a designated FEMA flood zone. Did you know that 20-25% of flood claims occur in medium or low risk flood areas? It’s a fact!

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