How Much Homeowners Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Protect your home and your belongings. You’ve worked incredibly hard for that home or condo, and all of your possessions. But …

  • How much coverage is really necessary?
  • Are you covered for a disaster?
  • What happens if someone slips or falls at your house?

A Homeowners Policy that is written correctly and provides adequate limits of liability will take into consideration the replacement cost of your home (not it’s market value), as well as your possessions. Most homeowners policies start out the same way, but it takes a great agent to advise you on how to get the most cost effective price without giving up the coverage you really need.

Homeowners Insurance Benefits

Additional Living Expenses – If your home is damaged extensively and you cannot stay in it with you and your family, some of our carriers cover additional living expenses if you have to live somewhere else.

Emergency Home Repair – This service helps you find a contractor quickly in the event of a covered loss.

Personal Property – Personal property will be replaced if you personal possessions are ever damaged.

Loss Forgiveness – Your premiums on your homeowners insurance policy will not go up after your first loss in your home.

Manage Billing – Many carriers offer you a chance to manage your account online, which makes it easy for paying your bill.

homeowners insurance

Additional Coverage

Basic home insurance only goes so far and does not cover all threats to your home. Therefore, you may need to supplement your policy with additional coverage to address other threats to your home, such as:

  • Floods
  • Fire
  • Wind Damage, including tornados

Snyder Insurance agents can help you design a homeowners policy that is tailored to your needs, protecting what is most important to you without breaking the bank.