Boat insurance is just as important to any boat owner as homeowner’s insurance is for anyone who owns a house or condo. It can protect you, your passengers, your boat, and the property of others. Boat liability coverage delivers a shield to help defend you against legal liability because of an accident you are in that involves your boat, as well as damage you might cause to property or persons in relation to your boat. Just as you need insurance coverage to drive a car, you need boating insurance to take your boat out on the water. When it comes to getting a boat insured, the options are a bit overwhelming at times, but we are here for you. Snyder Insurance can help make insuring your boat quick and easy.

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How Boat/Watercraft Insurance Works

Boating Coverage
There are a number of key areas for which boating coverage provides protection:

  • Risk Coverage: protects you against accidents that occur out on the water
  • Sinking: covers the cost of your boat should it sink
  • Fire: offers reimbursement in the event of a fire
  • Storms: protects you and your boat against damage and injury caused by storms
  • Theft: offers protection against theft of your boat or items within it
  • Capsizing/Stranding: protects you and passengers in the event of a disaster
  • Collision: guards against damage done to your vessel
  • Explosion: covers damages done in an explosion

Most boating insurance plans cover these basic categories of protection, and is enough to protect you and your vessel while on the water. Getting a boat insured is a big step and needs to be carefully considered. When you need help insuring your boat and navigating the waters of legal red tape and regulations, Snyder Insurance is here to help!

Property Coverage
Damage can happen in many ways when you are out on the water. Your own boat can be damaged, or you could damage someone else’s boat. That is where property damage coverage comes into play, protecting important elements such as:

  • Equipment attached to the boat, like radar, the com system, etc.
  • Anchors and chains used on the boat
  • Oars or sails used
  • Electric trolling motors and other electrical systems
  • Extra fuel tanks
  • Tools and equipment used on the boat
  • Detachable canopies, covers, tarps, and other coverings
  • Seat cushions, beds, and chairs
  • Life preservers, life rafts, or dinghies

 Additional Boat Insurance Coverage

Sometimes additional coverage is needed to make your boat as safe as it can be and to ensure that you and your passengers are protected. At times, getting a boat insured involves getting some additional protection. We can help make insuring your boat is a painless process. Some of the special coverage we can provide includes:

  • Newly Acquired Watercraft Coverage. This helps protect a new purchase. It is usually a limited term policy that allows you time to find the full coverage you will need to protect the long-term use of your boat.
  • Reasonable Repair Coverage. This takes care of expenses that are incurred during the course of repairs and related maintenance done to your vessel. It also helps offset the cost of these repairs.
  • Emergency Service Coverage. This offers a predetermined amount to cover expenses incurred during approved emergency services on your boat, trailer, or associated devices and equipment.
  • Wreck Removal. This will help offset the cost of removing your boat in the event of a wreck or collision that renders your vessel inoperable.

This is why getting a boat insured is so important, and why it is best to work with a trained and experienced insurance team to ensure the right coverage is selected.  Snyder Insurance knows a thing or two about boat insurance, and can help make insuring your boat quick and easy. Now you can get back out on the water and get back to enjoying your vessel once again!

Questions To Ask Your Agent

  • Are boating supplies covered under my current policy?
  • Are there any discounts available for completing training courses?
  • Do you offer special rates for a track record of safe boat operation?
  • Am I covered for both inland and ocean boating?
  • Does my state/area require any additional services and coverage?
  • Are other operators covered under the policy or only the name policy holder?
  • Will I receive cash payment or a replacement in the event my boat is totaled?
  • What payment options are available for premiums on the plan?
  • What other requirements or expansions are there that I need to know about?

If you are ready to find boating insurance that is right for you, give Snyder Insurance a call. We can make getting a boat insured something you do not have to worry about, and we can walk you through all of the steps involved in insuring your boat. Call us or visit our website today to get started!