Are your employees covered at the company party? Special event policies provide protection for off-site happenings like business meetings, get-togethers, job fairs, client appreciation dinners, and more. In short, any sort of event where there is a risk of auto or property damage, liquor liability, or personal injury.

A special event policy can even help protect your business from loss if an event is canceled, such as for inclement weather. Guarantee your peace of mind by speaking with a Snyder agent about your upcoming event.


What Does a Business Owners Policy Cover?

special event insurance

Special Event Insurance

Today, most companies know that happy employees mean a better, more profitable business. Likewise, going that extra mile for customers, the local community, and clients can boost a business’ reputation and improve the bottom line. That’s why it is common for employers to sponsor special events for their employees, clientele, and the local area. Events can include company picnics, conventions, sponsorship of festivals, product shows, and more. But when planning for these events, don’t forget to check your company’s policies for Special Event Insurance coverage.

Why You Need Special Event Insurance

While these can potentially reap great benefits for your company, there is always the risk of unexpected situations arising during these events that may lead to a liability lawsuit against your business. Claims might be made regarding negligence, error, or omission, among other claims. Such suits can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When good special event coverage is paired with your Business Owner Policy, it will defend your company against the costs and judgments that may arise from claims related to business-related or sponsored events.

Special Event Insurance provides vital liability safeguards for a wide array of planned events. To qualify for coverage, events must:

  • Have an attendance of fewer than 12,000
  • The days of the event must be successive
  • The consecutive event days cannot exceed ten, not including set-up and tear down.
  • The event is held at a single, lone site
  • The location is not owned by the named insured

How Special Event Insurance Covers Your Business

With Special Event Insurance coverage, your business has no deductible for liability claims. And it guards against claims of bodily injury or property damage claims that may arise from:

  • Operations done during an event that occurs on premises
  • Any products associated with the event
  • Advertising and promotions associated with the event
  • Personal injuries associated with the event

The Snyder Team can help you find the best coverage for your business related special event. Call (630) 960-4848 or CLICK HERE to get a Special Event Insurance quote today.