Excess Liability Insurance, sometimes called Commercial Umbrella Insurance, affords additional protection when your business exceeds insurance limits on an underlying liability policy. This coverage includes general liability, employer’s liability, and auto liability policies. It does not extend the coverage limits on errors and omissions policies.

Keeping an excess liability insurance policy is an affordable way to set up higher policy limits that can mean the difference between bankruptcy and continued operation of your business, since legal costs may not be adequately covered by a single liability policy.

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What Is Excess Liability Insurance?

Excess Liability Insurance will provide coverage limits that exceed a business’ primary liability policy. Should a claim exhaust the limits of a primary policy, the Excess Liability policy takes over when the primary’s limits are exceeded.

When you keep an Excess Liability Insurance policy for your business, you invest in an affordable way to assure higher policy limits. That can mean the difference between bankruptcy and continued operation of your business.

How Does An Excess Liability Insurance Policy Work?

An Excess Liability Insurance policy doesn’t provide independent coverage from the primary policy. Rather, should the primary policy cover a specific claim, so will your Excess Liability policy. Likewise, if a claim is not covered by your primary policy, it won’t be covered by your Excess Liability. Snyder Insurance’s team will help you understand the distinctions between additional limits and additional coverage, and how Excess Liability works with your primary policies.

For example, the costs of court and legal fees may not be adequately protected by a single liability policy. If a claim is particularly catastrophic, will your business be able to recover? Mid-sized and large businesses should have added defenses against large, unforeseen risks. Excess Liability Insurance will provide higher limits when those of your underlying policy have been reached.

This coverage is sometimes loosely termed Commercial Umbrella Insurance or Business Umbrella Insurance. There can be subtle, but important, differences. Snyder Insurance can help you understand the differences and find the best fit for your company. For more information about Commercial Insurance in general, visit our Commercial Insurance Page.

Snyder Insurance, Excess Liability Insurance And Your Business

Snyder Insurance’s reputation for exceptional service is based on our reliable track record of performance. Should your business suffer a loss, our outstanding claim service will be at your service. To learn more about our commitment to our clients, read our founder’s message.

As a family owned independent insurance agency, we understand the challenges of running a business. Fresh risks arise practically on a daily basis. Standard business property and liability coverage protects you in numerous circumstances, but a well-designed Excess Liability Insurance policy can help guard against the catastrophic. Snyder Insurance will help you find the best, most comprehensive Excess Liability coverage for your business. Trust the Snyder Team to help you guard against significant loss.