Get all of your business coverage needs in one convenient bundle, for an affordable price, with a business owners’ policy (BOP) package.

With a BOP from Snyder, you can stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong with your business, and concentrate instead on building success.

BOP coverage extends to major property and liability issues, and even for loss of income if your business experiences an interruption. A BOP is an excellent value, since buying liability and property coverage separately can get expensive.

A BOP will typically include:


What Does a Business Owners Policy Cover?

What Is A Business Owner Policy?

A Business Owner Policy (BOP) combines protections for every main property and liability risk within a single policy. These differ from commercial package policies, in that a business owner’s policy is generally used by smaller or medium-sized companies. A BOP is a “package policy” for smaller or medium-sized businesses that may encounter similar kinds and degrees of risk as larger businesses. Bigger businesses, in general, might take out a commercial package insurance, or modify a policy to address unique risks they face.

Business Owner Policies are generally comprised of:

  1. Protection for buildings and any contents that specifically belong to a business. The two forms of a BOP are 1.) standard and 2.) special, with the special BOP providing more comprehensive coverage.
  2. Business interruption insurance. This is coverage for any loss of income that results from fires or other disasters that interrupt business operations. This may include any expenses incurred due to the need to operate from a temporary site.
  3. Liability coverage. This protects a business from legal responsibilities in the event of harm caused to others. If the damage or injury is a result of something that your business or employees have done, or have failed to do, in the course of the operation of your business, this policy comes into effect. Causes can include personal injuries or property damage incurred because of a defective product, a faulty installation or an error when providing a service.

What Does A Business Owner Policy Not Cover?

Business Owner Policy insurance doesn’t protect against professional liability, provide car insurance, worker’s compensation, or health & disability coverage.

Trust Snyder Insurance for Your Business Owner Policy Needs

In summary, then, BOPs bundle business property and liability coverage into a single handy policy. It aids in covering businesses from a claim that results from events such as fires, theft or other covered disasters. It also protects against a claim of bodily injury, property damages, and other personal injuries that might occur during business operation. A Business Owners’ Policy can also be tailored to cover events such as data breaches, business income during the need for off-site utility service, and other particular coverage needs.

Snyder Insurance will create a Business Owner Policy that meets your business’ particular circumstances.