Jacob Dybala December 4, 2014 No Comments

Snyder & Land of Lincoln Health Offer You Affordable Health Insurance Options

Snyder Insurance is pleased to announce that we have become a Land of Lincoln Health partner, which will allow us to offer affordable health insurance options to our existing and prospective clients.

Lincoln HealthLand of Lincoln Health is Illinois’ only consumer operated and oriented health insurance company, a “CO-OP.” As a CO-OP health insurance company, Land of Lincoln Health uniquely takes profit out of the health insurance equation, focusing first and foremost on helping Illinois residents and businesses access high-quality health care for the lowest
cost possible.

Traditional PPO and Partner Plan Options in Affordable Health Insurance

Land of Lincoln Health offers two types of plans—Traditional PPO Plans and innovative Preferred Partner Plans.

Traditional PPO Plans include Elite, Preferred and Freedom plans, all offering access to Land of Lincoln Health’s nationwide network and nearly all the doctors and hospitals in Illinois. Land of Lincoln Health’s innovative Preferred

Partner Plans simplify people’s access to high-quality, affordable health care through collaboration with well-known and trusted providers. Each Preferred Partner Plan is backed by a prominent health system and gives enhanced benefits with their providers. If other providers are ever needed or wanted, all of Land of Lincoln Health’s In-Network doctors and hospitals are accessible.

Land of Lincoln Health intends to be the health insurance partner of choice as a result of their relentless commitment to innovation and to empowering all to thrive in the rapidly evolving health care delivery system.