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Smoking & Health Insurance

Are you still smoking cigarettes? Well. you’re not alone. Plenty of folks have quit, but 20% at American adults haven’t kicked the the habit.

Max/No SmokingOf course, you and every other smoker knows the risks to their health, and there’s no point in reminding you again of the seemingly endless list of dangers connected to smoking.

Smoking, Health Insurance Costs & You

However, if your long term health isn’t a strong enough motivator to quit, maybe an empty or a lighter wallet might have some influence.

Do you know that smokers typically pay 15-20% more in health insurance premiums than non-smokers? And, ObamaCare won’t help to defray those costs, given that insurance companies have been given a green light to penalize smokers. In fact, insurance companies can charge smokers 50 percent more for their policies, and it only gets worse as you get older. Older smokers, who also pay more for life insurance, might pay up to three times more for their health insurance than a younger smoker!

Kicking The Habit

There are plenty of resources on the Web and in your local community to help you to quit. A good way to start is to check out the video and resources listed below. If you’d rather talk to someone who understand the real challenge of quitting smoking, call the Illinois Tobacco QuitLine at 866-784-8937. From all of us at Snyder Insurance, including a few ex-smokers, good luck!

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