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Planning a Road Trip? Here’s a Nifty Travel Tip

Did you know that you can tell which side of the highway your exit is on just by looking at the tabs at the top of an exit sign? It’s a fact! Here’s a little travel tip that can take some of the stress out of knowing which lane to move to when preparing to exit.

A Travel Tip Worth Noting

The “Read Your Road” guide put out by the U.S. Department of Transportation reveals this travel tip secret:

“Most freeway exits are on the right, but occasionally there
will be a left exit. Exiting from the left calls for extra caution;
because the left lane is the lane where vehicles travel at
higher speeds. That’s why it helps to have plenty of advance
warning of the occasional left exit.

“Most of the time a special yellow EXIT ONLY panel will be
added to the bottom of the freeway guide sign. But there’s
also another clue that’s often used. It’s in the way the exit
number panel is positioned above the freeway guide sign.
Look up to see where the small green exit number panel is
positioned. Most are on the right side. But if the exit number
panel is on the left, then the exit will also be on the left.”
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