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6 Tips On Ice Dam Prevention

ice dam solutionsWe’ve all seen winter photos and even heart-warming art showing a cozy looking house nestled in snow with sparkling icicles fringing the eaves. We here at Snyder Insurance in the Chicago area have to admit: those images can strike us as picturesque, too. But looks can be deceptive. The fact is if your home has a thick fringe of ice at the edges of your roof, your house may have a serious ice dam problem.

When the temperatures turn frigid, warmth radiating upward inside the house and into the attic escapes by seeping through the roof. As the weather turns snowy, this escaped warmth melts snow that has fallen on roofs. The melt trickles downward, refreezing at the eaves. Repeating cycles of melting and refreezing cause ice to build up at these edges and create ice dams. If not cleared away, these dams stop the melting run off from reaching gutters or efficiently running off the roof.

With no way of flowing away properly, the melt will find different ways to drain away; usually seeping beneath shingles and along the sheathing underneath, where the cycle of melting and refreeze continues and can cause a lot of expensive damage.

Below are 6 handy tips for ice dam solutions to avoid the type of damages that ice dams can cause. And if you’re uncertain if your homeowners insurance properly covers this type of damage, be sure to review your policy before this kind of winter problem occurs.

H3 6 Handy Tips For Ice Dam Prevention

Ice Dam Prevention Tip #1. The first line of defense in ice dam prevention is making sure that guttering, drains and downspouts along your roof remain clog-free. Whether you hire a service or do it yourself, ensure that leaves, twigs and other debris is cleared from these so that snowmelt has a place to flow away from your roof and its eaves.

Ice Dam Prevention Tip #2. Removing or relocating any source of heating that are positioned in highly exposed areas of attic will go a long way in getting ahead of any ice dam problems.

Ice Dam Prevention Tip #3. Insulating any lighting fixtures that run within ceilings just beneath attic spaces that are unheated is a great tip for ice dam solutions.

Ice Dam Prevention Tip #4. If you have pipes or other venting that penetrates attic space, be sure to have them properly sealed and insulated. If you can see daylight seeping around them or feel air flowing around the opening where they come through, the seal needs to minimize this type of leakage as much as possible.

Ice Dam Prevention Tip #5. Do a visual check from time to time of your eaves throughout the cold months. Should you notice ice dams forming, especially around any gutter drains, you can have heating cables connected to a drain as a preventative against ice building up. Heating cables as ice dam solutions also work well when laid right upon roof surfaces. When you connect these to your gutter/draining systems, the cables create paths for ice or snow melt to flow along and safely drain away.

Ice Dam Prevention Tip #6. Visit the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) at to learn more about winter weather safety that goes beyond ice dam prevention.

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