Jacob Dybala August 31, 2015 No Comments

How Much Life Insurance Is The Right Amount For You and Your Family?

So how much life insurance would you need to take care of your family if you died?

Life CalculatorLife Insurance Calculator Apps

It’s an understandable question — maybe the only question! — on everyone’s minds when they’re considering life insurance. Well, thanks to the good folks at LIFE Foundation, there’s an easy way to find out:

The Life Needs Calculator!

How does it work? Just input some very basic financial data, such as your current mortgage payment, outstanding debts and, if you have kids, your college funding obligations and the calculator does the rest.

For those of you who’d rather go mobile, there are iPhone and Android apps available for free using the links below.

Downloads Android/iPhone/iPad Apps!

Now What?

Once you do your calculation, write down your final number and then drop us a line or call (630) 960-4848 to explore your life insurance options with a member of the Snyder Insurance Team.