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A Few Easy New Year’s Resolution Ideas from Snyder Insurance Founder Joe Snyder

If you’re like me, you’ve probably made a few resolutions for 2014. Of course, the odds aren’t in our favor, because statistics say that only 8% of us will actually have the resolve to shed those unwanted pounds, quit smoking or finally get in shape.

Joe SnyderSimple is always better in my book, so here are some really easy resolutions that I guarantee will make a real difference in your life.

1. Eat Better for Better Health

Dieting seems to top plenty of resolution lists, but you don’t have to go crazy. The docs at WebMD suggest taking things slow by setting some small, attainable goals like drinking more water, eating fish for dinner one night each week and eating a different color of produce or fruit each day. Remember: Better health = lower health insurance premiums!

2. Do You Have Enough Life Insurance? Snyder Insurance Can Help

Believe it or not, only 62% of adults have life insurance. If you’re not in that group, ask yourself some questions: “If I die how will my kids go to college?” “How will my wife be able to make the mortgage without my paycheck?” “Who will take care of my parents?” All great questions and easily solved by simply giving us a call at (630) 960-4848 or dropping us an e-mail. No matter your income, the Snyder Insurance professionals will be able to set you up with an affordable policy that will provide you and your family peace of mind and so much more.

 3. Do You Know Your Stuff?

What if someone broke into your house and stole all of your electronics, your new computer or your grandmother’s locket? It happens everyday, but the police and your insurer will need an inventory of what was stolen to either retrieve your stolen items or to process your homeowners or rental insurance claim. No worries!  Just download the “Know Your Stuff” smartphone app and then spend a lazy Saturday afternoon snapping pictures and documenting all of your stuff. It’s actually kind of fun! If you have any questions, Snyder Insurance is happy to help.

 4. Are You Set for Retirement?

Will your employer-sponsored 401(k) provide you and your spouse with enough to retire on? Many people are shocked to discover that their 401(k) is the nest egg that they thought it would be. People are living much longer these days – some well into their 80s and 90s –  so retirement planning is really a must! Even if you haven’t been able to put aside money over your career, you’re still not out of luck. Contact one of Snyder’s retirement planning consultants at (630) 960-4848 and we’ll figure out a way to make your “golden years” financially manageable. At Snyder Insurance, we about more than insurance.

 5. Stop Texting and Pull Over!

Did you know that 23% of auto collisions in 2011 involved cellphones? That’s 1.3 million accidents! Is responding to that text or e-mail really worth getting into a really bad accident, seeing your auto insurance premiums go up or, more importantly, losing your life? OMG! Just pull over!

Here’s to your success and all the best for a healthy and prosperous New Year from all of us at Snyder Insurance!

 Joe Snyder