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Have A Business Disaster Plan For Winter

Chicago Winters Call For A Business Disaster Plan

building weatherizationRemember Chicago’s “Snowpocalypse” just a year ago? Hard to forget, even if we all want to. And we all want to believe blizzards like that one and the one that struck New York a year before are rare; even once in a lifetime. But the fact is, these fierce winter storms are becoming all too common. The financial toll on a commercial business during one of these can be high: structural damage to buildings, litigation suits connected to on-property injuries, and more. Read more

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Ice Dam Prevention Tips

6 Tips On Ice Dam Prevention

ice dam solutionsWe’ve all seen winter photos and even heart-warming art showing a cozy looking house nestled in snow with sparkling icicles fringing the eaves. We here at Snyder Insurance in the Chicago area have to admit: those images can strike us as picturesque, too. But looks can be deceptive. The fact is if your home has a thick fringe of ice at the edges of your roof, your house may have a serious ice dam problem. Read more

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Wood Stove And Space Heater Safety Tips

Warm And Safe: Wood Stove & Space Heater Safety Ideas

wood stove safetyMany people use alternative heat sources as the days grow colder. Especially during mid winter, there is a rise in the use of these systems like wood stoves, space heaters and fireplaces. These can be efficient ways to save on heating bills and warm up areas of your living space that might otherwise be chillier or draftier than others. We at Snyder Insurance in the Chicago area want you to be both warm and safe in your home. So if this sounds like you, give some thought to the space heater safety tips below. They work as advice for wood stove safety and other alternative sources, too! Read more