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What To Know About Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance: What To Look For

renters coverageWe have seen the image countless times on the news: An apartment building going up in flames, the tenants left without anything but the clothes on their back and, if they are lucky, their lives.  It is a sad scene that plays out far too many times because the tenants didn’t take out renters insurance.

Some of the unfortunate tenants who are victims of fires likes this will find at least some silver lining in the financial support they receive for their losses through insurance policies they had in place. However, a more than half of all renters do not have insurance of any kind. This is usually to either a lack of affordable plans but most often it is simply because people do not know that such a thing as renters insurance even exists or that insurance companies offer this coverage. Read more

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Insurance Apps For That!

Insurance Apps That Make Your Life Easier

winter insurance tipsEvery season has its own set of insurance risks and concerns, whether home, car, business or personal. So, at the end of each season it makes sense to take a look at your policies and see changes or updates might make sense. And there are insurance apps for your phone to make organizing and documenting those updates easier than ever. Snyder Insurance offers a few handy winter insurance tips and takes a look at these helpful phone apps provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Read more