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Illinois Restaurant Insurance Safety Tips

Slips And Falls And Their Impact On Your Illinois Restaurant Insurance

commercial restaurant insuranceAn article by Risk Control Expert Shelby Blundell takes on the topic of restaurant kitchen floor safety. Slipping and falling can be a major area of revenue loss for restaurants on a number of levels. If you’re a Chicago area restaurant owner, making sure that your Illinois restaurant insurance provides good coverage is important. But it’s equally important to find ways to keep your Illinois restaurant insurance premiums manageable. Don’t overlook the potential of what goes on in your restaurant’s kitchen for doing both.  Read more

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Practice Tick Prevention And Control For A Fun And Safe Summer

Tips For Tick Prevention And Control

ticks on dogsSummer is in full swing! And the Snyder Team want you to have a happy, healthy one. One way to do that is to help keep your family and pets safe from infection and disease through tick prevention and control. It’s always wise to take preventative measures against ticks all year round. But it’s especially important to do it during the warmer months of summer. Ticks are most active beginning with April and lasting into September.

Tick Prevention And Control Starts At Home

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