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Theft Insurance and Prevention. Is Your House or Business A Target For Burglary?

break in insuranceTheft Insurance Isn’t Just About The Right Policy. It’s About Prevention, Too.

Have you ever asked a burglar what motivates or deters him? Joseph Kuhns from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology did. His research team interviewed over four hundred people convicted of burglary to get extraordinary insight about what makes a burglar tick. Here’s what they found:

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You Live in a Flood Zone, Whether You Know It or Not! Do You Have Flood Insurance?

flood policyFacts About Flooding and Flood Insurance

  • In five years’ time, every state in the union has encountered at least one flood or one flash flood.
  • Your city map may not show it but every person, no matter where you live, resides in a potential flood zone.
  • Coverage for flood damage is not automatically included in a homeowner’s policy. Be sure to check yours.
  • Is your home in a Special Flood Hazard Area or an area with higher risk probability? If you have an FHA mortgage and you live in such an area, you are required to have a flood policy.

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