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Turkey, Stuffing, Pie, Sweet Potatoes and Homeowners Insurance!

Turkey, Stuffing, Pie, Sweet Potatoes & Homeowners Insurance!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone’s taste buds are starting to water with scrumptious thoughts of eating or preparing your upcoming feast. Well, before you fire up the oven, take a minute to prepare a new side dish for the menu: S-A-F-E-T-Y! You can do that by checking your homeowners insurance policy and checking out these home safety tips.

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Protecting Your Pipes: Keeping Water Damage at Bay | Homeowners Insurance

Water Damage, Homeowners Insurance and You

Imagine returning from vacation and your home is cold and the carpet is saturated. The kitchen ceiling is in pieces on the counter and floor. The master bathroom laminate floor looks like a roller coaster. Water is pouring from the cracked toilet and mold is on the wall. Panic sets in: “Where will I sleep? Will my homeowners insurance cover this?”

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