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Safe Trucking in Extreme Weather | Trucking Insurance

Winter Months are Especially Risky. Make Sure Your Trucking Insurance Is Sound.

From black ice to whiteout conditions, truck drivers have more than a few extreme challenges to contend with during the Winter months. While safety is obviously the primary concern for any driver, safe driving skills and proper equipment maintenance can also keep your insurance premiums at more affordable levels.

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Staying Safe in Extreme Cold | Extreme Cold Prevention

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Time to Learn Extreme Cold Prevention

In Illinois weather history, January 6, 2014 will be a day that will live in infamy thanks to a polar vortex that’s brought bitterly cold Arctic air to the Midwest, plunging temps to -16 below zero (-50 with the wind chill!) across Chicagoland and forcing hundreds of school and business closings.

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