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Research: Stop Taking Multivitamins!

Rethinking Multivitamins and Mineral Supplements

Each year 40% of Americans gobble up a whopping $28 billion in multivitamins and mineral supplements, thinking they’re a “recipe for good health.” Well, according to several new research studies, multivitamins are not only money down the drain, but may actually cause health problems in well nourished adults.

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Understanding the Affordable Care Act’s Tax Benefits for Adult Child Coverage

The Affordable Care Act and Your Adult Child

Under a tax provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or the Affordable Care Act), the value of any employer-provided health coverage for an employee’s child is excluded from the employee’s income through the end of the taxable year in which the child turns 26.

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Healthcare Reform: It’s All About Acronyms!

Healthcare Reform Acronyms Have Your Head Spinning?

Seems there’s an acronym for everything these days, and, if you’ve read a news story about ObamaCare recently, you know that healthcare reform is no exception. ACA, DOL, HCR, HCERA, OOP, SHOP — it’s a world of abbreviations that will leave your head spinning. No worries! I’ve put together a cheat sheet for you!

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